120th Church Anniversary
May 6, 2018
Dr. Bobby G. McAllister, Guest Speaker

Dr. and Mrs. McAllister

Special Guests - Chapman Family

The Chapman Family from various areas of in the U.S. visited their home church (MTBC) in memory of their parents, Dea. Matthew Chapman and Mother Vinnie Mae Chapman.  
Left - Right 1st Row:  Arthur Cohen, Barbara Chapman, Kathy Cohen
2nd Row Artnisha Jones, Laura Chapman Tucker, Mark Chapman, Matthew Chapman, Jr., Dorothy Chapman Taylor, Mamie Chapman Burton


Senior Choir Anniversary
March 2018
Mother Pearl Taylor Favors Honored

L-R:  Dea. Arthur Wingfield, Sis. Kay Finnell, Sis. Alicia Finnell, Rev. Larry Hill, Mother Pearl Favors, Sis. Darien Todd, Sis. Erica Favors, Sis. Christine Wingfield, Dea. Albert Shank.



This picture was taken on February 10, 1950 in the sanctuary of Mark's Tabernacle Baptist Church. The pastor was Rev. Charles Turman seated on the front row LR #6.




225 Lexington Ave. Washington, GA 30673
Pastor:  Rev. Larry L. Hill 
2018 Summer Revival
Homecoming/Family and Friends Day Service 


SUNDAY, JUNE 4, 2017 AT 11:30

Rev. & Mrs. Larry Hill and Rev. & Mrs. Antony Williams, guest speaker

119th Church Anniversary
May 7, 2017
Theme: "The Year of More Than Enough"
Speaker: Bishop Uland Nolley, Atlanta, GA
Special Praise: House of God Church in Mitchell, GA
Celebratory Dinner: Rev. G. L. Avery Center

Chairman Shank, Mother Finnell, Pastor Hill, Sis. Hill, Mother Wingfield, Dea. Wingfield

Dea. Booker, Mt. Carmel; Councilman Mahoney, MTBC; Dea. Chairman Shank, MTBC; Pastor Hill, MTBC; Bishop Nolley, Atlanta; Dea. Mills, Mt.Carmel; Dea. Wingfield, MTBC.

Special Guests - The Nolley Family


Peggy Y. Harrison Scholarship Presentation 2018

The PYH Scholarship was presented by Kay Finnell (L) and Dr. Alicia Finnell (R)  to the Scholarship Recipients in center LR: Brock Jackson, Chelsea Lumpkin, and Jose Palacios. Destiny Favors, a sophomore at UGA, was presented a scholarship at an earlier church service.

April 16, 2017
Mark's Tabernacle and the Peggy Y. Harrison Community Center award the Peggy Y. Harrison Scholarship to Destiny L. Favors, member of MTBC and Valedictorian of the 2017 Graduating Class of Washington-Wilkes Comprehensive High School! Congratulations Destiny!!! We are proud of you!!!

L-R: Kay Finnell, Ret. LTC-O-5 Douglas Harrison, Destiny J. Favors, Rev. Larry Hill

Erica Favors with her daughter, Destiny

First Lady Anita Hill , Destiny, and Pastor Hill

Men's Day Celebration 2016

Point of Pride

Special Building Fund Program
August 28, 2016

L-R: Special Guests-Pastor and Sis. Dixon, Dr. Alicia Finnell, Pastor and Sis. Hill in Fellowship Hall

2016 Homecoming/Family and Friends Day
August 7, 2016
Mrs. Hill, Rev. Hill, Rev. Dr. Willis, & Mrs. Willis
in sanctuary



The First Peggy Y. Harrison Academic Scholarship Presented to Dorian Favors March 6, 2016

L-R: Dea. Albert Shank, Sis. Kay Finnell, Rev. Larry L. Hill,
 Dorian Favors and Sis Erica Favors


Annual Men Day


MTBC Women Who Attended the First
100 Women in White Program at 3rd. Shiloh Association                                                   


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